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Welcome HOME

Creating a Place for ALL God’s People


The day has finally come. After months of prayerful searching, our church said “Yes!” to a permanent home, purchasing a 3.6-acre property on Great Road. Now we must say “Yes!” to transforming it into a place we’re proud to call HOME. Through the Welcome HOME campaign, we will raise the $1 million dollars necessary to make the property ministry functional and ready, a visible pointer to God’s presence for all people of Greater Acton!


Saying “Yes!” is about one thing: mission. Four years ago, Highrock Acton launched as a team of 40 adults and 40 kids, who sacrificially gave, loved, invited, welcomed and served. God has been exceedingly generous, adding to that core since the first week! The fruit of this labor is a vital church that ministers to growing crowds, that’s discipling the next generation, that’s gained trust in the community, that’s filled with gifted servants. We believe God has blessed us so that we can take a bold step forward in mission. This property allows us to take that next step, in four ways that together spell HOME:


HOSPITALITY This strategic location in a highly-traveled, accessible, more ethnically and economically diverse area of Acton where no other churches are located is a clear opportunity to be a “locally-focused congregation” in a way we never have before! We’ve created a welcoming culture. Now we can embody that with a physical presence where the doors are open and all are welcome!

OUTREACH This property is the perfect venue for ministries where we can meet real, practical needs of our neighbors in the name of a very real, living God! This opportunity arose just as we partnered with the town to launch ESL classes for our immigrant neighbors. There is high demand, tons of volunteers, and exciting ministry taking place, but just like we experienced with MOPS, we’ve exceeded the capacity of our facilities. With adequate space, these and future ministries can flourish and multiply!

MENTORING Because consistency is key for discipleship of the next generation, we’ve longed for a space conducive to a two-service model that allows Kidsrock volunteers to serve weekly and attend worship. This property allows for just that! With two services, instead of crowd control in a gym, we’ll have more engaging small groups where leaders can cultivate mentoring relationships with kids that make a lasting difference!  

ENERGY – As the church has grown, our weekly ministry activity has spread thin, shifting between three locations in two towns, and requiring hours packing and unpacking a trailer. We now have the opportunity to root ministry in one central location, freeing us to refocus our energy from physical labor to relationships. We expect to be able to pursue many new discipleship opportunities! 


Our goal is not to make church more comfortable for us, but to make ministry more effective and God more accessible for our neighbors. Let’s create a place we’re proud to call home so together we can WELCOME more people to find their true HOME in God’s love!