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Over the past two weeks of September, the demolition process charged forward! The restaurant and dojo were completely gutted so the space is completely empty – we’re down to the rafters, the cinder block walls, pipes, and wires.

An EMPTY space is also an EXCITING space — Pastor Becky walked through the empty space with our lead developer Kirk using branches and sticks to mark out where the sanctuary stage will be, where the food for fellowship will be served, and more! If you drive by during the day time, you can glance in the large empty rooms and imagine what will be!

PLUS a number of dead trees towering over the restaurant were all removed, opening up the landscape.

What’s next?

Design plans with the architect are finalized, and we’ll move forward in lining up contractors and building permits.

In the meantime, trees have been removed out back and pavement marked for work to begin on the new septic system for the property.