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The Bible describes transformation as a two-stage process: the old has gone. A new creation has arrived!

For anything NEW to be created, the OLD needs to be removed. And that is definitely the truth with 255 Great Rd. property. It’s an amazing location for a church, but the primary building – the old Makaha restaurant – was ready for a refresh.

As of September 15th, the launch of the Welcome HOME campaign, the main building has already been almost completely gutted. GONE are the restaurant booths, all the kitchen fixtures, the bar with all of its cocktail umbrellas, three massive walk-in refrigeration units, and more!

The only thing we have kept is an old-school GUMBALL machine! Hopefully, that will show up in our brand-new Kidsrock wing this winter!

Drive by the building sometime soon and you’ll see the bustle of workers filling dumpsters and barren walls inside. Soon the dead trees on the property will also be removed!

In a few weeks, removal and demolition will be replaced by the construction of new walls, systems, fixtures, and more! Stay tuned!