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Highrock Acton’s Capital Campaign

Creating A Place For All God’s People

Help us raise $1 million dollars in order to transform our new property into a place we are proud to call HOME.





What is the Welcome HOME Campaign?

After months of prayerful searching, our church said “Yes!” to a permanent home, purchasing a 3.6-acre property on Great Road. Now we must say “Yes!” to transforming it into a place we’re proud to call HOME. Through the Welcome HOME campaign, we will raise the $1 million dollars necessary to make the property ministry functional and ready, a visible pointer to God’s presence for all people of Greater Acton!

Taking a step forward in mission to spell HOME


Strategically located in a highly traveled, diverse area, this new home will provide a physical presence where the doors are open and all our neighbors are welcome


With ample space in our new home, Summer Blast, MOPS, ESL and future ministries can flourish and bless to our community.


This new home allows a switch to a two-service model where Kidsrock leaders can cultivate consistent relationships with kids that make a lasting difference!


By rooting ministry in one central location, this new home frees us to refocus our energy from physical labor to explore new opportunities for connecting and discipleship


Hear the story of Highrock, a movement that started as a dinner party and now has become a spiritual home for people all over Greater Boston! The Welcome HOME campaign is about continuing this story in Acton…


Have questions? We have answers!

Why purchase a property?

We are grateful for how God has provided Gates School, the Acton ministry center, and the Stow Chapel as ministry
tools these past years. However, the physically intensive weekly work of “shoehorn-ing” church into Gates, plus
switching locations each summer, is not a long-term sustainable, nor preferable, ministry rhythm. Further, our
church has grown. We now have nearly 250 people in attendance on an average Sunday morning, with 400+ on Easter. The time and space restrictions of our current ministry rhythms have kept us from multiplying into a two-service model and limited the discipleship opportunities we can offer on Sundays especially. For these reasons, our Lead Pastors and Overseers have been working with National Covenant Properties and trusted local real estate professionals for the last two years to search for a property in Acton that could serve as a permanent church home.

Why purchase and renovate this property now?

We’ve learned that finding a suitable, affordable church home like this one is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Most are scooped up by developers before they even hit the market. We’ve put several offers on properties, including an offer on this 255 Great Rd property earlier this year, only to be outbid or for the seller to step back. As our church’s growth continued to increase this winter, we asked our church partners to devote themselves to prayer, asking that God would open a door. This prayer become more fervent when we then learned that next spring Gates School would begin reconstruction, so our ministry life there was now terminal. Then, by what seemed to be nothing short of divine appointment, the owners of the 255 Great Rd. Property called us with renewed desire to sell the property. This opportunity coincided with the flourishing of ministries like MOPS and our ESL classes, revealing the limits of our current spaces. Our belief has always been that God would provide the needed tools for the ministry we’ve been called to. This is a new season: just as our ministry tools are showing their limitations, a new opportunity has opened right before us!

Will this property allow us to grow in the future?

Once the renovation is complete, this property will allow us to accommodate growth immediately as we can instantly switch to a two-service model, and can accommodate up to 300 people in the sanctuary each service. As our Sunday attendance currently averages over 250+ during the school year, this will allow us to grow to 600 in Sunday attendance in the upcoming years. If our growth continues beyond that, there is room on the property to expand the main building’s footprint and/or add a second floor, plus add additional parking as needed. Finally, as we grow to a larger size and connect with people from a larger radius, we will also be well positioned, as God leads, to send out a new church plant without sacrificing local ministry momentum.  

What if we raise more or less than our target amount in two-year pledges?

We fully expect to reach our target amount. The amount is achievable based on the factors outlined above and we are confident in our missional momentum! As with any large project, there are “nice to have” elements that will be pushed to a later date thanks to budget constraints. Additional funds will allow us to further improve KidsRock spaces, potentially add an outdoor playground, update meeting rooms, and much more! Should we fail to raise the entire amount in the initial two-year period, there will be a combination of reducing the scope of the work and increasing our operating expenses. Whatever the financial outcome, our church leadership is committed to prudent financial management and will operate based on the resources provided with a ministry-first mentality. 

Is our church in a financial position to take on this project?

Over the last four years, we’ve developed a healthy mission & ministry focused budget where the vast majority of our financial resources are invested in three things: pastors and ministry staff to lead, develop, and shepherd the church; ministry programming, everything from Welcoming and Worship to Summer Blast and Youth Mission Trips to MOPS and ESL; and, mission and outreach, which includes support for regional ministries like Hagar’s Sisters, other Highrock church plants, and Pilgrim Pines, as well as global work through our medical clinic in the Congo and Tokyo Life Church. Operational expenses are a relatively smaller portion of our budget. National Covenant Properties is extending a loan for this property due to our healthy budgeting and the evidence of annual increase in giving year-over-year. That being said, this purchase and renovation is a generational investment, and will stretch us financially like never before. The capital campaign will play a critical and necessary role in preventing building costs from overtaking our budget, allowing us to remain ministry & mission focused. 

How did we arrive at the decision to have a capital campaign?

Capital campaigns are common when any institution like ours, church or otherwise, is contemplating a generational investment in a project that will propel its mission forward. In fact, our denominational lender, National Covenant Properties, requires that any church buying property run a capital campaign. Besides the obvious benefit of raising funds, capital campaigns are an opportunity for the entire church to renew a sense of ownership in mission, refocus on vision, and to revisit financial discipleship in a new and concrete way. In other words, capital campaigns are a tool for discipleship! They can help move us from consumers to contributors, from self-focus to mission-focus, and from comfort to sacrificial generosity.

Why a $1 million dollar campaign? What exactly will it fund?

$1 million dollars is the approximate total cost of the necessary property upgrades and building renovation and, according to experts, it’s an achievable amount for a church of our size and budget. The campaign will mainly fund the transformation process of the purchased property into a functional and effective ministry tool. The lionshare of the process is gutting and renovating the interior of the main building on the property, transforming it from a restaurant and karate dojo into a space that houses our sanctuary, fellowship area, and Kidsrock spaces, complete with accessible bathrooms and resource space. Other key elements include replacing the outdated failing septic system on the property, some paving and landscaping work, and updating the building exterior to provide a welcoming introduction to Highrock for our Acton community! 

Where is the rest of the money coming from?

The property project will be paid for through a combination of cash on hand, loans, and selling the Stow Chapel. National Covenant Properties has underwritten the property mortgage and will provide a construction loan while the capital campaign is ongoing. The Stow Chapel has been a tremendous blessing, housing new ministries, summer services, Summer Blast, and more. However, now that we have a 24/7 space, we plan to sell the property.  It is our preference and prayer that a church purchase the Stow Chapel. While we continue to pursue that possibility, we’ve also engaged real estate professionals to advise on available options.  

How do we know the money we give will be used wisely?

Our entire purchase and project has been vetted by our ministry partners and finance experts. National Covenant Properties would not extend the loan, and our East Coast Conference would not sign as its guarantor, if they did not have trust in our plan and process. For the property development and renovation, we are working with Kirk Ware, a trusted real estate professional in the Acton area who specializes in leading churches through property acquisition, development, and building construction. We’ve developed a trusting relationship with Kirk and his firm over the past few years and are confident that they grasp and support Highrock’s mission. Even as we work with and trust these professionals, our church leaders will be carefully working with them at every step, guiding and reviewing the renovation process to make sure all decisions are financially wise and serve our mission.

How will I know what to give? What amount is appropriate?

“Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver” (2 Cor 9:7). The amount you decide to give is something you must personally discern before and with God (and with your spouse if you are married). The capital campaign is an intentional time of self-reflection and prayer where we each ask God, “How is my worship and commitment to you expressed in my giving and living?” Following the examples laid out in Scripture, we believe God calls us to give “freely and wholeheartedly” while also recognizing this project is a generational investment, one that requires “over and above” generosity that stretches our faith and helps us grasp the meaning of sacrifice for the sake of the Kingdom. We invite you to prayerfully consider the Gift Range Chart as you discern what to give.


We invite you to prayerfully consider making a pledge to contribute a specific amount to the Welcome HOME campaign over a two-year period. Our goal is to have received over $1 million in pledges by our Pledge Sunday, November 17th. You can pledge anytime through this online form or by placing a pledge card in the Sunday offering basket. We encourage you to pledge before November 17th but we will receive pledges anytime through November 2021. To understand the financial impact of various commitment levels, please consult this chart.


Four Ways To Give


Set up electronic giving through your bank or send us a check.


 ACH or Credit Card. Set up a one time gift or recurring and cover the fee cost!


Simply text “Give” to (978) 231-9300 and then follow the prompts.


To give a stock donation, you will need to provide Highrock’s account and DTC number to your broker. 


A new home for our ELL outreach ministry!

As part of our Welcome HOME campaign, the "O" stands for Outreach - our new facility at 255 Great Rd. will allow us greater opportunity to serve our community through outreach programs like our English Language Learners ministry. Greater Acton is filled with folks for...


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